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PetroChem Data Services had been publishing Petrochemical/Industrial Directories and Wall Maps, since 1984. Unfortunately, in 2017, the founder and active President John Peters passed away. is the continuation and further evolution of John's overall vision.

Our directories cover Refining, Gas Processing, Chemicals, Industrial Gases, Storage Facilities, Pulp & Paper, Electric Utility Power Plants and more. The plant information is compiled by directly contacting each plant. This data is as complete and current as can be found anywhere, at any price.

The creator and original owner of the company John Peters had to make the books by hand, for much of the early years, 80's-90's era. There was no convenient online maps so they had to be hand drawn and the data had to be structured by hand in a typewriter, per page, copied, and then assembled.

Today, our directories cover 15 states for the downstream Petrochemical and the Pulp & Paper industries, and covering 47 states for the U.S. Refineries and Mining. Currently, we only have 2018 date for the Gulf Coast - Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas - while our 2017 data includes California, Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Main, Maryland,  Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Throughout 2018, we've been working on providing a full US product for all of our industies, starting in petrochemical. These products were slated to be available in August 2018, but has been delayed indefinitely, releasing individual US States as we complete them.